Welcome to BORSUB international


BORSUB International is an internationalization services company, whose mission is to facilitate the implantation and development of business in the  markets of Spain, Chile, China and Russia.

BORSUB moves in a multisectoral scope, and seeks long-term relationships, a commitment with our clients’ results and a mutual benefit.

BORSUB has between its clients European, South American, Russian and Asian companies, and also official agencies and business associations. 


BORSUB International’s mission is to increase its clients’ business facilitating their entrance to new markets.


The objectives of BORSUB International are:

  • Facilitate the knowledge of Chinese, Russia and Chilean markets
  • Facilitate the contact with people, companies and local institutions
  • Identify and select the best implantation method
  • Advise and go along with the clients in their implantation process
  • Supply the necessary resources to the client for the development of its business (staff, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Eventually, invest together with the clients in the development of the business