Field of action


BORSUB International works with:

  • Private companies
  • Governmental International Promotion Agencies such as ICEX (Spain), ACC1Ó (Catalonia), CORFO (Chile) or CCPIT (China).
  • Business Associations and Patronals
  • City Councils: Barcelona (Spain), Shanghai (China)
  • Chambers of Commerce: of Spain, China and South America


From a business point of view, we work in a multisectoral scope, but in recent years we have been specializing in SUSTAINABILITY:

  • alternative energy
  • energy efficiency
  • mobility / electric vehicle
  • waste management


Some success examples:

  • Introduction of a Spanish brand of alcoholic beverages in China (2000): market research, distributors search, sales campaigns supervision
  • Introduction of a Spanish OTC pharmaceutical product in China (2001): supervision of the registration process, distributors search, sales supervision
  • Commercial implantation in Chile of a first brand of dental sector products (2008): market research, evaluation of implantation’ alternatives, creation and management of a distribution network
  • Industrial implantation of a well-known Spanish brand of household consumption products in China, world leader in its sector (2010): locations analysis, company creation, construction company recruitment, staff recruitment, equipment and machinery purchase, deals with suppliers for raw materials
  • Investment of a Spanish company of waste sector in Russia, through a JV with a local partner (2011): market research, partner search, evaluation of implantation’ alternatives, agreement negotiations, company creation.